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A message from the CEO

Takeshi Harada
Honyaku Corporation

Honyaku Corporation was established in 1972. Ever since, we have been assisting the globalization strategies of Japanese companies.
Today, political, economic, and social upheaval tends to occur on a global scale, and we are beginning to witness major impacts on both the private and public sectors. Another way of looking at this trend, however, is to understand it as the world demanding accelerated globalization and informatization from Japanese business and industry. To Japan's translation industry, this represents the advent of the greatest chance yet to contribute to the international community.
In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we therefore constantly strive to improve our translation technique and to make possible the seemingly impossible: simultaneously raising quality, shortening turnaround, and increasing volume.
We are putting particular effort into the multilingual translations required by globalizing corporations. In order to achieve and maintain the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, we have formed business tie-ups with language companies in Europe and the USA. This enables us to systematically ensure the quality of translations into local languages.
As a comprehensive language company, we are able to mobilize the resources to provide thorough service to assist clients with their globalization and informatization needs.

A message from the COO

Makoto Harada
Honyaku Corporation

Since its establishment in 1972, Honyaku Corporation has worked to contribute to the globalization of Japan’s economy through the provision of translation and interpretation and other high-quality language services.
Today, changes which none of us could have imagined are happening across diverse fields and platforms, both within Japan and beyond. This trend for change seems likely to only accelerate in the future.
This new environment means that even major corporations cannot rest on their laurels. Instead, the only way for any company to survive is to sense and to respond these changes, quickly and across global borders.
I am confident that the language services we provide will be a crucial tool for these companies going forward.
We will continue to make good use of the technical expertise we have nurtured since our foundation, while also being proactive in introducing ground-breaking new technology, such as ICT and AI. This will enable our company to meet, in the truest sense, the diverse needs and wishes of our clients.
Each member of staff is committed to making this happen on a daily basis, working with integrity, with humility, and with passion.
I hope to be honored with the continued support and guidance of our clients as we move forward as a company.

Company Profile

Company name Honyaku Corporation
Address 9F Suzue Baydium, 1-15-1, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 105-0022
Tel: +81-3-6841-1121
FAX: +81-3-6841-1122
CEO Takeshi Harada
(Vice Chairman and Director, Japan Translation Association)
COO Makoto Harada
Type of business Translation, interpretation, editing, temporary staffing, recruitment, language training
Memberships ・ Japan Translation Association (Vice Chairman)
・ Japan Translation Federation
・ The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・ European Language Industry Association
・ Globalization and Localization Association
Affiliated company

HONYAKU USA INC. (U.S. subsidiary)
Tel: +1-310-316-6900

Principles of Management

  1. 1. Best Communication
  2. 2. Change as Chance
  3. 3. Selfless Spirit
  4. 4. Realization of Hopes and Dreams